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Frequently Asked Questions

On September 1st. 2019, the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI),  passed a new law making it illegal for a roofing company to cover the homeowner’s insurance deductible, making this an Insurance Fraud from both, the homeowner and the roofing company.

That being said, we will advice you on how to LEGALLY offset this expense!

If a roofing company is whiling to make an illegal move on the Insurance carrier with powerful attorneys, what   moves be doing on a homeowner in order to offset the moneys they are waving on you…

When working with an insurance claim, your only responsibility is the deductible established on your policy and no once cent more! 

Any additional necessary repairs will be supplemented by our team and will be in constant communication  with your adjuster and will turn final invoice to the insurance company as is their responsibility to pay for it, not you!

No! Home insurance is not like auto insurance.

When you file a home insurance claim, the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) prohibits your carrier to increase your premium as the peril (the cause of damage) is an act of God. The only way your insurance might go up is if certain percentage of your neighborhood files a claim during the same year, and this would happen wether you file a claim or not.

When a storm happens, your insurance company prefers to be made aware of any possible damage to your home as soon as possible in order to have the opportunity to fix any potential damage before it becomes a much larger one!

In fact, is imperative to make insurance company aware of any possible damage  as soon as possible, as if any leak or damage gets any major, the insurance carrier can potentially deny the claim in it’s totality as they can declare negligence on the homeowner for not reporting on a timely manner.

Remember, Insurance Companies are NOT on the business of giving money away!

Let us do the hard work of Remodeling Services

We will do your project a turnkey! as General Contractors, we will manage every aspect of the project, from the beginning and until you are 100% satisfied!

Dealing with insurance companies is not fun… we will walk you through the entire process and will guide you through all the communication with the adjusters, so you can simply seat back and relax!